The Squash Arch

Today, I finally made my squash arch.

That’s right. made it.

All by myself…mostly.


I found the design on Pinterest. It looked easy and we had all the materials in the garage already.

I used 4 garden fence posts, an insane number of wire ties, a 10′ section of wire fencing–the same kind we used on the new chicken run–wire cutters and a pair of needle nose pliers for bending.

First, I set the 4 fence posts in a 3’x3′ square.


Then, with a little help from my two adorable helpers, I cut a 10′ piece of wire fencing. The boys, of course, assumed I was making a home for them and were a little peeved when I told them what I was actually doing.


Next, I draped the wire over the fence posts and attached it to the hooks along each post. This is where the needle nose pliers first came into play as I had to force some sections of wire into the hooks.

The boys were still trying to convince me to make them a home.


I reinforced the fencing to the posts using wire ties and noticed that the fencing was a little too long for the 3×3 grid.

So, naturally, I decided to trim up the edges a bit and make them even with the fence posts.

Only, in my pride and excitement at having made this rather crooked arch all by myself, I didn’t pay attention to what I was doing.

I ended up snipping the fencing right off the fence posts.

I was able to fix my mistake with a few adjustments, several scratches and a very cheerful disposition…as you can imagine.

I stood back and surveyed my work.


The arch was crooked, the posts uneven and the wire ties plentiful…yet I was smiling because I made it.

All by myself (sort of).


3 responses to “The Squash Arch

  1. Looking forward to after pics with squash climbing up. 🙂

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