The Loss

We lost a chicken today.

She was mean and slightly crazy.

She pecked at hands.

She glared angrily when disturbed.

Her comb and wattles were dusty pink from lack of sunlight.

Her feathers were spindly.

Her beak was dull yellow.

She was a sad sight, made even more pitiful by her insanity.

Now she is gone. But how? And…even more curious…who?


Hazy, humid, hot
A perfect foil for vengeance
No one is squawking

3 responses to “The Loss

  1. No one is squawking! Haha! Sounds like a hen molting. They get a pink comb during molt and they look shabby from loss of feathers. It happens in their second year of laying. She just left for a much needed spa vacation to look her best. Who knows, she just might decide to stay on long term.

    • LOL! Yes, I believe she will be staying at the spa long term. I’m sure the others won’t mind. I think she became somewhat of an annoyance because they were constantly bullying her…poor dear.

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