Pecky Greenleg: Chapter 9

In chapter 1 Jake and his mom just got new chicks. One of the chicks is grey with hairy green legs. Jake names her Pecky Greenleg and then finds out that ‘she’ is a ‘he’…and can talk.

In chapter 2 Jake and Pecky decide to try and learn where Pecky came from as none of the other chicks can talk. Jake promises to start at the hatchery.

In chapter 3 Jake tells Pecky he had no luck at the hatchery but that the man he talked to seemed nervous and uncomfortable talking about the gray chicks so they decide they need to go to the post office to find out more about the delivery.

In chapter 4 Jake and Pecky visit the local post office where they learn that the delivery man from McDougal Hatchery came back after the delivery and swapped the package with another box. 

In chapter 5 Pecky and Jake decide that they need to take a trip back to the hatchery to confront Gilbert. 

In chapter 6 Jake takes Pecky back to the hatchery to confront Gilbert and they discover that Gilbert can hear Pecky too. 

In chapter 7 Gilbert tells Pecky and Jake how Pecky came to the hatchery and what happened to the others like him. 

In chapter 8 Pecky realizes that he will have to be the bait to catch whoever is after him. 

Chapter 9

“No, absolutely not! Pecky will not be used as bait!” Jake exclaimed.

We don’t have any other options,” said Gilbert. “Whoever is behind this can easily find out where Pecky has gone. It’s only a matter of time.”


No Jake. It’s the only way.

Jake looked at Pecky and then turned and glared at Gilbert.

I have to do this. I don’t want to put you or your family in any more danger than I already have. 

Gilbert nodded in silent agreement.

Jake scowled.

It’s a risk, but we have to take it. 

Jake’s shoulders slumped and sadness filled his face. He knew they were right. Setting a trap was a sure way to catch the people bent on capturing Pecky.

“It’s getting late,” Jake sighed, looking at the clock. “We’d better figure out how this trap will work before my mom comes back to get me.”

For the next half hour they talked. Gilbert discarded in all of Pecky’s suggestions and Jake poked holes in all of Gilbert’s ideas.

Finally, they decided that Jake’s plan was the best they could come up with.

Don’t worry Jake. The plan is a good one.

“Yes,” said Gilbert. “Pecky will be protected at every step.”

“Ok, let’s go through it one more time before I go.”

“We will put it out that we have a rare, exotic bird at the hatchery,” began Gilbert.

When people start coming to see me, I’ll try talking to them. Gilbert will be watching their faces for a sign that they can understand me.

“Once we know who can hear Pecky, we’ll watch his pen at night, waiting for them to come back.”

When they come back, Gilbert and his men will catch them, tie them up and put them in one of the pens.

“Then we’ll be able to question them and find out why they’ve been after these gray chickens with green legs.”

“And if they don’t come back?” asked Jake.

Oh, they’ll come back. They’ve put too much effort into finding me to give up.  

Pecky turned to Jake with determination in his eyes.

Go home Jake. Gilbert will let you know what happens. 

Jake felt chilled. He knew that he may be seeing Pecky for the last time.

As though reading his mind, Pecky ruffled his feathers and gave Jake an affectionate peck on the hand.

Go home.

With one last look at Pecky, Jake turned and walked out the door.


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