Alarm! Alarm!

My bug hunters are on a mission. Find, pick, squish and drown the Japanese Beetles attacking our trees, grapes and kiwi and feed them to the chickens.

Joe came running in the house this morning to report the emergency.

“Alarm! Alarm! Alarm! Alarm! Japanese Beetles in the vineyard.”

Quick to react, we made the poisonous potion and set out on our morning hunt.


Japanese Beetle Poison: Water with dishwashing liquid.

Before the big rain, I saw a few of these evil beetles here and there. I picked them off and fed them to the chickens.

I breathed a sigh of relief; there really weren’t that many.

Maybe this year wouldn’t be as bad as last.

Maybe they’d attack the weeds and grasses in the prairie rather than our fedge, new trees and vineyard.

Maybe we would be able to control and eradicate them easily.

Oh how wrong I was.

They are everywhere. They attack the trees.


They swarm over the aronia in the fedge. 


The damage they do in such a short time is devastating. Leaves barely remain, reduced to a wispy skeleton.


So, every morning we walk through all of our gardens picking them off the plants and drowning them in soapy water.


Every afternoon we rally the troops again and head out for a second sweep.

Some soldiers are more helpful than others.


And then every evening we make the rounds one last time.

It’s not hard work. In fact, it is very satisfying to shake these villains into the poison or squish them with a crunch.

The chickens are sick of them. They turn up their beaks and waddle away in a huff.


So…since the chickens aren’t interested anymore, we’ve found a new solution to the disposal problem.


Here froggy, froggy
Come up from the deep
Here fishy, fishy
I’ve brought you a treat

Crunchy, yummy beetles
Come and get them now
Crispy little critters
Sweet and tasty chow

2 responses to “Alarm! Alarm!

  1. OMG!!! That’s all I can say!

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