Male Call

My husband, while out feeding the chickens, heard the crow of a rooster.

It did not come from the farm across the road. It came from our own dear flock.

Pecky has finally declared himself. He’s staked his claim. He’s found his calling.

With the confirmation of my gut feeling, I was able to finally figure out what breed of bird we have on our hands.

A Blue Cochin.

Cochins come in many colors. The hatchery we ordered from reports that  50% of cochins will hatch blue while the other 50% will be a black, white or black/white combo.

Our own Pecky Greenleg was blue and is now bluish/gray with dark gray specks.



Cochins also have big fuzzy feathers…a lot of them.

Feathers on their feet and legs.

Feathers jutting out the sides of their bodies.

Feathers sprouting from their heads.


Even though their feathers are blue, black, white or speckled, the skin beneath is yellow so the eggs will be light brown…just like our dear Red Star’s eggs.

Pecky has always been much calmer than the others, which is in line with the standard personalities of all cochins. They make good pets, they are great for the garden and considered one of the most friendly chicken breeds.

They’re quiet and calm.

Unless of course, you mess with one of their ladies.

Then you get a loud ‘growl’ and a dirty look.


The roosters can get as heavy as 11 pounds. The standard chicken is 4-6 pounds.

Now that we know he’s a ‘he’, we are taking steps to stop the bantams from pecking hands and toes when we feed them or get too close. If we handle Pecky and he starts to be calm and friendly around us, the ladies will follow his lead.

With time their angry, hostile and defensive pecking will turn into nips of affection…we hope.

Pecky Greenleg you’re a boy!
You will bring us so much joy
We will play and we will chat
The other hens will all like that

When you like us, you will see
Just how happy you could be
Let’s start now and get to know
The ways that friends like us can grow

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