No breeze or wind today
The sun is bright and hot
I went outside to play
To pick and pull a lot

We’ve carrots, just a few
Potatoes, a whole bowl
We’ve ripe tomatoes too
And cherries ripe and whole

A bucket full of outlaws
Disguised as little bugs
I don’t drown them without cause
They’re tiny shiny thugs

I didn’t find the riches
I have in seasons past
We’ve had too many glitches
And time has gone so fast

Maybe when we plant in fall
We will have more to show
For now our bounty will be small
But at least our veggies grow


I emptied four very full traps and picked a small container of these beetles.


Unfortunately, the shiny villains like fruit as well as leaves. There were more cherries but they’d been destroyed by the beetles.


Not too many cherry tomatoes…Joe thought the orange and yellow ones were ready too.


Our fingerling carrots are bursting out of the ground.


The most rewarding find today were the potatoes. We’re having fried ‘taters and eggs for dinner tonight.

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