New Eggs

The new girls have started to lay!

We collected two eggs on Thursday before we left for Michigan.

Our chicken sitters collected few more on Friday, and on Saturday they collected 10 eggs between our 5 Red Stars and our 16 Leghorns. Way to go ladies!


As a special treat, Joe and I took them a few large borage plants and some fresh clover this morning.


Pecky strutted around, making sure all his ladies were getting plenty to eat before eating some himself.


The eggs are pretty small now and, although they will not be as big as our Red Stars’ eggs, will get bigger as they grow. We are guessing that when they are at their peak, we’ll get at least a dozen a day from them.

Plenty to share!

Our girls are growing up
They lay more every day
They’re white and tiny now
The size is just ok

As these hens get bigger
The eggs will grow large too
They taste the same regardless
Of breed or size or hue

3 responses to “New Eggs

  1. So lovely! Refreshing read. 🙂

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