Unintentional Gardening

We discovered a strange squash in a spot where no squash should be.

We waited, wondering what on earth it was.

There is no way we would have ever planted anything there.



It just appeared one day…twining out from under the trailer in our side yard.

We had no idea how it got there.

When we had the makeshift playpen up, the little chicks were in that spot, but we didn’t start to give them kitchen scraps until they were much older and in their permanent pen.


It’s weird.

It’s big.



We didn’t water it. We didn’t weed it. We didn’t fertilize it.

We. Did. Nothing.

And yet…it grew.

And grew.

And grew.

We could have mowed it.

We could have pulled it.

We could have destroyed it.

But…we didn’t.

We left it alone.

We let it grow into a pleasant, bumpy, yellow, orange and green surprise.


What is this strange thing?
So bumpy, orange green and weird.
Nature’s lovely gift

2 responses to “Unintentional Gardening

  1. I LOVE volunteer veggies!

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