Medicinal Chicken Spiral

Because we let Blue wander
Around the yard each day
She has time to ponder
Where she’ll eat and stay

She stayed close to her old pen
When we first let her out
She seemed to be a scared hen
Her eyes were full of doubt

She got a little bolder
With each new passing day
The other hens all told her
That one day she would pay

With narrowed eyes they watched her
They clucked, they crowed, they cried
And Pecky showed his sharp spur
From none of this she shied

And now she roams all over
In the gardens and the grass
She’s gone from eating clover
To veggies, herbs and scraps

It was in the herbs I found her
The boys both chased her out
She then ate all the larkspur
I know without a doubt

She’ll soon live with the others
She’ll soon regret her cheek
And if I have my druthers
It will be by end of week!


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