The Wanderers

Wandering all around the land
With my sweet hearts, hand in hand
Seeing all the bright green trees
Hearing all the frogs and bees

Smelling scents of sweet delight
Feeling sunshine, clear and bright
Touching feathery grass and weeds
Glimpsing sprouts all grown from seeds

Squash and okra, flowers, grass
Span the land, a great green mass
Lifting faces to the sun
Knowing that the day is done

What a beauty! What a sight!
Sparkling daylight turns to night
Wandering back into our home
Tomorrow, we again will roam


Boys playing ‘secret hideout’ in the wild grasses of the prairie.


Rose of Sharon


I think these are brown-eyed Susans and Queen Anne’s Lace



Squash arch with squash!



Burgundy amaranth courtesy of our hens.

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