Squash Bugs Again?!

Every gardener has a nemesis. For me, it’s the Japanese Beetle. They made me tear at my hair and gnash my teeth. Now that their reign of terror is over, the squash bugs have moved in.


When I built the squash arch, I had hoped to deter the squash bugs by giving the vines a ladder to climb.

For awhile, it seemed as if it would work, but then I saw them scurrying around the yellowing leaves.


The arch has made them easier to spot. They have to climb up the vines and cannot use the ground as camouflage and it’s easier to inspect the leaves for eggs as well.


Squash bugs will always be a problem.

We will still have to check the leaves for eggs to squish and use the bug vacuum on any little, newly hatched bugs, but we’ve definitely made them more manageable with the addition of the squash arch.

And…we have a secret weapon to get rid of even more.


Climbing up the arch
Escaping from the squash bugs
Winning the battle



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