Yesterday, we switched coops.

The old birds were moved to the strawberry bed. Their new coop, an upside down rubbermaid tote with a hole cut in it. The new girls were given access to the chicken tractor.

Our Red Stars laid two eggs today and looked at me with reproach when I collected them. I guess they don’t like their new digs.

The day finally came
We’d been planning so long
It won’t be the same
But they’re where they belong

The old gals are cast out
From their snug little coop
They’re angry and they pout
Their red feathers droop

Pecky keeps crowing
All day and at night
And each day he’s growing
More ready to fight

Why don’t they like it?
Their new living place
You’d think they’d have more wit
But that isn’t the case

Blue, she still wanders
From one place to the next
It seems that she ponders
Why her flock’s so vexed

They may refuse laying
For a week or for days
And then we’ll start slaying
Until every hen lays

wp-1473716175802.jpg wp-1473716175808.jpg


2 responses to “Switch-a-roo

  1. Wow! Did you write that? What a great poem!

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