Swaying in the Breeze

The Jerusalem artichokes are absolutely gorgeous this year.

We harvested very few last year so it seems they’ve doubled.


They are even growing in the old compost pile and another spot about 20 ft away from the original cluster. At first I couldn’t figure out how they got there.

Then I remembered.

The first year we planted them, we harvested quite a few and set them in the basement to dry and preserve them. We left them too long and they ended up shriveling so I threw them in the compost pile.

In doing a bit of research, I found that they can also spread underground up to 60 ft away from the original planting.

Resilient little buggers!

A blur of yellow buds
Swaying gently
Tall and majestic


The whirring of leaves
Swishing softly
Bright and lovely


The soft tickle of flowers
Brushing lightly
Calm and soothing


2 responses to “Swaying in the Breeze

  1. Jerusalem artichokes are very invasive. Be vigilant. They can grow from the smallest root piece.

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