The Bike Ride

I learned to ride my bike today,
Please come outside and see!
My brother wants to do it too,
So he can be like me!

Watch me pedal down the lane
I can go so fast!
See this trick that I can do?
I’m having such a blast!

Can I go out in the road?
Can I show my friends?
I cannot wait to show them all
I hope this ride won’t end!

I want to ride it to the store
I want to ride it far
Look I’m riding in the grass!
I’m faster than a car!

This is so fun, this is so great
I love to ride my bike
Will you come and ride with me?
I’ll lend you my old trike!

wp-1475022080178.png wp-1475015219650.jpg wp-1475015219362.jpg

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