The days are getting colder
The air is crisp and cool
The hens are getting older
To keep them would be cruel

Soon winter winds will roll in
Snow falling close behind
We’ll only keep a few hens
To keep warm and confined

We started with the old gals
We sent them on their way
Then we retired our dear pal
Poor Blue’s seen her last day

Please try not to feel sad
Blue was a lovely hen
But finding eggs that smell bad
Well...I won’t do that again

We’re keeping dear old Pecky
To hatch eggs for next year
That rooster is so lucky
That he is in the clear

The chickens have been helpful
The eggs they laid were great
And now they will be useful
Supplying us with meat


3 responses to “Colder

  1. I so enjoy reading your poems! 🙂

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