Winter Fertilizer

The cold weather approaches and it is just about time to move the chickens closer to the house to keep them out of the bitter winter winds that rip through our small homestead.

We’ve let the plants go to seed so that our girls will have a nice treat during the long winter. We will have moved them all over the garden so that by Spring our soil will be rich and crawling with squiggly worms.


Perhaps telling the boys that it was time to “destroy the garden” was a little short sighted; but it was worth it to see how much fun they had chopping, pulling and stomping all over the kitchen garden.


Since it has been warm, the borage and lovage are confused. They think they still have time to multiply and grow.


Borage. It’s all over the garden and some is even in the yard.


Lovage – smells like celery.

We found a ton of cherry tomatoes on the vine. They are so sweet! We fed some to the chickens and snacked on some ourselves. Most of the broccoli had gone to seed so we gave that to the chickens too.


I ran around front to see if the strawberries were confused as well…no such luck. I did find a few roses blooming though.


The chickens “accidentally” got loose so the boys spent an hour or so chasing them around, catching them, letting them go and catching them again.


Pecky stood guard over the coop while this was happening. He was reluctant to get involved in the shenanigans.


I think the girls may be picking on him a little bit. He has a few feathers missing on his rear and a few raw spots as well. A couple of the hens have missing feathers on their heads too. I guess chickens must have cat fights too.

The boys are both very gentle with the chickens. They can catch them much easier than Ray or I can. The hens seem almost docile with them.

wp-1479498584869.jpg wp-1479498584912.jpg

We had a beautiful day working outside. I like all seasons, but I sure am going to miss these nice weather days when we are cooped up.

Snow is on its way
Winter days are coming fast
Autumn falls away

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