Mischief Makers: The Announcement

(Note: This is the third year for the Mischief Makers stories. In the first year, we met Nim and Lil’ Lil, two rascally and mischievous elves sent to watch over four kids and report bad and good behavior to Santa. In the second year, Nim and Lil became Pen Pals and their hijinks continued. This year, Nim gets a new partner.)

**The Teaser** 

“I have a surprise for all of you this year,” said Santa to a sea of red and white clad elves.

Nim and Lil’s jolly red hats jiggled as they shared a giggle. Everyone grew quiet, eager to hear about the surprise Santa had planned for the new Christmas season.

“You each have been assigned a partner for the season.”

An excited buzz rippled through the room.

“A partner?”


“How fun!”

“And,” boomed Santa. “You all have a new assignment. This year you will create a Kindness Calendar.”

A small elf raised her hand. “What is a Kindness calendar, Santa?”

Santa smiled.

“Each day in December, you will ask your charges to do an act of kindness for another. This will get everyone into the Christmas spirit…and keep you elves from causing too much mischief.”

A loud cheer erupted from the sea of scout elves. Santa chuckled and held up his hands for quiet.

“It’s time!”

All of the elves skipped, scampered and skittered to the launch pad to meet their new partners and take off for the season.

“Ho-ho-ho off you go!”











2 responses to “Mischief Makers: The Announcement

  1. Can’t wait to see what happens this year.

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