Mischief Makers: The Artist

“I just can’t believe we didn’t get a Foolish Fine for the mess we, no you made with flour last night,” Glitter said shaking her head.

“Ah. Well, the big guy has a lot more to worry about than what a little elf and mini reindeer are up to,” said Nim in an all-knowing voice. “Afterall, he is Santa Claus.”

Glitter, who had not quite recovered from the shock of seeing Nim throwing flour all over the kitchen, was starting to wonder if he was right.


“Maybe all the kids on the Naughty List are keeping him too busy to deal with Elf troubles,” she said.

“Hey!” said Nim jumping up. “We are mischievous and, and clever. Not troublesome. At least, not that troublesome.”

Glitter started to disagree, but stopped when she saw the look on Nim’s face.

When she didn’t respond, Nim settled back down on the table.

“We are just going to leave the Kindness Card tonight, Nim,” said Glitter sternly. “No mischief. No mess.”

“What about my joke?” asked Nim.

“Fine. We can leave your joke too.”

“Do you want to hear it?” asked Nim.


“What did one snowman say to the other snowman?”

“I don’t know. What?”

“Do you smell carrots?”

One side of Glitter’s mouth hitched up, then the other and as Nim stood looking triumphant, she burst out into loud–very loud–laughter.

“Shhhh!” he said smiling. “We don’t want to wake up the boys.”

“Sorry,” Glitter hiccoughed, trying to stop the last of the giggles.

“What does the Kindness Card say tonight?” asked Nim.

“Draw a picture for someone to let them know they are special.”


“Well there you go!” said Nim.

Glitter looked at him blankly.

“We can draw pictures for the boys to leave with the card!”

“Oh. Oh! That’s a great idea Nim!”

“I’ll get the supplies!” said Nim as he flew away.

Glitter waited.

And waited…and waited. What could be taking Nim so long? Why wasn’t he back yet?

“Nim?” she whispered as she trotted down the hallway. “Nim, where are–NIM!!!”

Nim was busily drawing a picture of the boys, the dog, the fish, himself, her and the cats. Markers, colored pencils and crayons were everywhere.


“Oh, hi Glitter!”

“We said no messes!”

Nim looked around in surprise and gave Glitter a sheepish grin.








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