Mischief Makers: Gone Fishing

Glitter had played the ultimate trick on Nim.

She was feeling proud.

She was certain there was no way he could top it.

She was about to find out just how wrong she was.


“Well Glitter, you got me. You got me good,” said Nim.

“Oh now Nim, no hard feelings. We are at war after all,” Glitter said with a small smile.

“Hmmm. I just don’t know how I’m going to follow that. I’ll need a night or two to come up with something just as good.”

Knowing she’d been clever, Glitter believed that Nim would never be able to come up with a better trick than hers and so she relaxed and smiled.

“What are you making Nim?”

“A fishing pole,” said Nim as he snipped a piece of red ribbon. “This is the line.”


She watched him a bit longer.

“What do you have planned? Fishing in the sink?”


“The bath?”


“Where are you going to fish?”

I’m not fishing. Leonard is.”


“How fun!”

“Yep, could you bring him to the bathroom?” Nim asked handing Glitter a length of ribbon. “You can use this to pull him.”

“Ok. What are you doing?”

“I’m just going to get the fishing pole set up,” said Nim.

Glitter smiled, tied the ribbon to Leonard and trotted after Nim to the bathroom.

“Wait ’til she sees the bait!”  laughed Nim quietly.

When Glitter pulled Leonard into the bathroom, Nim was perched on the edge of the toilet seat dying the water blue.

“Ok,” he said when he was done. “I’m ready. Can you hand me the ribbon?”

Glitter, watching the water change, handed Nim the loose end of the ribbon.

“The-there? You are going to fish there??”

“Mmm-hmm. Oh wait, we should make sure we the bait is secure,” said Nim hopping down next to Glitter.

“The bait? What’s the ba–hey what are you doing!?!”

Nim cinched the ribbon around Glitter’s middle and hoisted her up and over the rim of the toilet.

“You’re the bait Glitter!”

“Get me out of here!”

“Sorry, this is payback for locking me out last night.”


“Oh don’t be so upset. The boys will rescue you. They can touch you. I had to stay out in the cold all day!”

“If you don’t lift me up right now I’ll, I’ll–“.

But Glitter didn’t finish. They could hear the boys running down the hallway already. Nim had just enough time to fly to his spot with the fishing pole.


Glitter glared at Nim and waited to be rescued by two excited little boys.

“You’ve gone too far, Nim!”

Kindness Task
Tell a stranger to have a nice day.

Nim’s Joke
How is the Christmas alphabet different from the ordinary alphabet?
The Christmas alphabet has NO EL.

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