Mischief Makers: Candy Bars

Nim sat outside Santa’s Workshop awaiting his fate. Glitter had marched directly to the workshop upon landing at the North Pole and had not given Nim so much as a backward glance.

“I may have gone too far last night,” Nim said to his elf pal Lil, who was sitting next to him.

“Uh oh. What did you do this time?”

Nim was actually feeling a bit bad about using Glitter as a fishing lure. It had seemed like such a funny joke at the time.


“I know that look Nim,” said Lil. “What did you do?”

“Afsht wfer,” Nim mumbled.

Lil raised an eyebrow.

“Oh alright! I fished with her.”

“That doesn’t seem that–“.

“In the toilet. She was the bait.”

Lil’s eyes nearly popped out of her head.

“You what?! Nim, how did you…how did she…Nim!!!”

“It’s really not as bad as it sounds. I made sure she wouldn’t fall into the water.”

“How could you possibly make sure she wouldn’t fall in?”

“I plastic wrapped the bowl.”

“You–no, stop. I don’t want to know anymore. I agree.”

“Agree that it wasn’t that big of a deal?”

“No. I agree. This time you went too far.”

Nim hung his head. He knew that Lil was right.

“Nim the Scout Elf?” called a squeaky voice from Santa’s Workshop. “Santa would like to see you. Now.”

“Good luck Nim,” Lil said. She looked at him with sympathy and then scurried off to join the other elves in a tumbler of hot cocoa.

Toes trembling, Nim walked into Santa’s office. Glitter was the only one in the big and cozy room.

“Wh-where’s the big guy?”

“He had an emergency meeting. Something about a malfunctioning toy. He left me to talk to you.”


“Yes. He’s not at all happy with your little stunt last night.”

Nim gave Glitter a worried frown. “So what is going to happen?”

“You’ll see,” Glitter said quietly. And then she walked out of the room.

Nim followed her with a feeling of dread. What could Santa possibly have in store for him?”

Nim and Glitter flew back in silence, Nim’s worry growing with every mile.


When they got inside, Glitter got to work.

“What is that?” asked Nim.

Glitter had pulled a box of candy canes out. At least, it looked like candy canes.

“This,” she said. “Is where you’ll be spending the night. Get in.”

Nim did as he was told, thinking that it wouldn’t be so bad. Sure, he’d be ‘behind bars’, but at least he’d have a tasty jail.

He smiled at Glitter. “Really? This is my punishment? Ha!”

He took a big lick of a candy cane bar and the smile disappeared.

“That’s right,” grinned Glitter. “They’re fake.”

Nim couldn’t believe it. He tried every bar of his cell. He was surrounded by delicious looking and minty smelling candy canes that he couldn’t eat. He’d have to sit in this torture chamber all day smelling delicious minty candy and not eating a bite.


“How could Santa agree to this? Such torture for a scout elf! For any elf!”

“Santa? What does he have to do with anything?”

Nim stared at Glitter in surprise.

“You-you were in his workshop. The elf, she said he wanted to see me. I thought–”

Glitter showed all her teeth in a big goofy grin.

Nim stared at Glitter, suddenly realizing that Santa had never had anything to do with his ‘punishment’.

“You! The squeaky voice, Santa’s emergency,” shouted Nim. “This was all you!?!”

Glitter walked slowly around the Candy Cane cell. “Enjoy your stay Nim. It’s going to be a loooooong day.”


Kindness Task
Make a list of things you are thankful for.

Nim’s Joke
What do you get when you cross a bell with a skunk?
Jingle smells!

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