Mischief Makers: Sledding

Nim was in shock. The head reindeer and Santa had both given Glitter a lecture on proper scout behavior and yet here she stood smiling.

“You don’t look too upset Glitter.”

“Upset? Why would I be?”

“Santa and Captain O’Flurry just–“.

“Oh that! No, that didn’t upset me. It was only my first offense.”

“Oh. Well.” Nim couldn’t think of any other way to respond. Only her first offense? What was going on with her?

“…and then we can string lights and create a zipline from the top of the fridge to the basement. What do you think, Nim?”


“I don’t think we should make a mess tonight,” said Nim, almost laughing at how ridiculous that sounded…coming from him.

“I wasn’t planning on making a mess, Nim. At least, not a big one. Weren’t you listening?”

“Sorry,” he mumbled. “What was the plan?”

“First, we get all of the blankets and pillows in the house and put them at the bottom of the stairs. Then, we use Christmas lights to create a zipline from the top of the fridge to the basement. Voila! Instant fun for the boys.”

“What?! The boys can’t zipline down the stairs! Do you know how much trouble they would get in???”

“The zipline isn’t for them, it’s for their toys,” said Glitter as she pointed to Leonard the Reinraffe.


Nim’s eyes sparkled as a sudden idea took root.

“Ok Glitter, but how about a sled hill instead of a zipline?”

Glitter smiled triumphantly. “I knew you’d come around.”

“Let’s see, we’ll need some more stuffed animals,” Nim said as he started floating toward the boys’ room.

“Don’t forget the green and blue frogs they like to sleep with,” said Glitter. “And the giraffe!”

“Why don’t you help me Glitter?” Nim grumbled.

“I am helping,” she said. “I’m making the sled. Now go!”

By the time Nim had finished hauling all of the stuffed animals, dinosaurs and superhero toys from the boys’ room, Glitter had transformed an old shoebox into a beautiful sled.


“Where’s my name?” he asked, noticing the shiny gold lettering on the side of the sled.

“Oh, sorry Nim! I thought we were each going to make our own.”

“But there is no time for me to make one now!” Nim said sadly.

“If it makes you feel any better, mine is so stuffed with passengers that I won’t have a spot to sit. I might as well be pulling it like—that’s it!”

“What? What’s it?”

“I can practice pulling the sled! Like a real reindeer on Christmas eve!”

They quickly made a harness and reins from a couple of pipe cleaners and had Glitter hitched to the sled.

“Hmmm,” Nim said standing back. “Something is missing…wait!”

Nim whizzed to the boys’ room and came back with what, he thought, was missing.

“There,” he said as he fastened the soft red nose on. “Now you are ready.”


Glitter beamed with pride. There was no greater honor for a reindeer than to be compared to the one that lights Santa’s way.


Kindness Act
Leave a friendly note where someone will find it.

Nim’s Joke
How much did Santa pay for his sleigh?
Nothing, it was on the house!


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