Mischief Makers: The Reminder

Nim and Glitter had been given a Creative Scouting Award for the sledding scene they set up for the boys. All previous pranks…at least for the time being…were forgotten.

Glitter was feeling bold, confident…daring. Since the birthday party two nights ago, Nim had noticed a change in her behavior.

Gone was the rule-following, mischief-managing Glitter of old. She’d been replaced by a rule-breaking, mischief-making reindeer who, in Nim’s opinion, was teetering on the reckless side.


“Why are you looking at me like that Nim?”

“Like what?” Nim asked.

“You look…worried. Have I done something that worries you?”

Nim was torn. Should he say something to her? They’d had so much fun last night, hadn’t made a very big mess and received praise from Santa and congratulations from their friends, but Glitter had that look about her that spelled mischief.

“I’m just…just a little concerned about your behavior lately.”

“Oh? What concerns you?”

“Well…when we started out the year, you were…you seemed a little…you–“.

“I was a stick-in-the-mud?” Glitter interrupted.

Nim cleared his throat and swung his feet.

“Er…yes, I suppose you could say that.”

Glitter smiled and pranced around before turning and looking Nim directly in the eyes.

“I know I was a stickler in the beginning. I was so worried about doing a good job, following all the rules and making sure Santa and Captain O’Flurry were happy with my work, but…”.

“But you weren’t having any fun?”

“Even worse,” said Glitter. “I wasn’t getting in the Christmas spirit. Not that you need to make messes and cause catastrophes to get in the Christmas spirit, but you do, I think, need to let yourself feel the joy of the season.”


“I think I understand,” said Nim.

“Do you? Then you know that by worrying so much about what others will think and trying so hard to be the perfect reindeer and partner, the love and joy of Christmas gets squished and snuffed out.”

“Well…I have never been one to worry too much about what others think, but I suppose I do tend to get a little too mischievous and forget the true meaning of Christmas myself.”


“So…what made you change your mind? It seemed so sudden.”

“It was at the birthday party. Santa stopped by to wish Slingshot a happy birthday and give him a present.”

“What did he give him?”

“He recited the poem. You know the one.”

Nim did know. He looked forward to hearing it every year on Christmas Day.

Your mischief may be fun
But remember everyone
That Christmas Time is more
Than presents from the store

A King was born this day
In a manger full of hay
Though He was very small
He’d come to save us all

He grew into a man
Who traveled ‘cross the land
He came here to fulfill
And carry out God’s will

So delight in all your play
Have fun planning every day
But in all your doings know
It’s Christ to this we owe

“I realized,” said Glitter. “That Christmas is not about being perfect. It’s not about the presents or the mischief or the treats. It’s really about family and being thankful for all that we have.”

Nim was quietly looking at Glitter, remembering times spent with Lil and all his friends. Remembering hugs given and received and happiness at spending time with family.

“So I may have gone a little far in my quest for fun,” Glitter continued. “But I’m determined to stop getting so wrapped up in trying to be perfect and to just enjoy the season.”

“That’s a great idea Glitter. Let’s start by leaving Santa’s poem for the boys to find…with a few ribbons and bows.”


Kindness Task
Share a sweet treat with a neighbor.

Nim’s Joke
What did one angel say to the other?

Halo there



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