Mischief Makers: The Birthday

Nim was always peppy, always smiling and he always seemed on the verge of hysterical laughter.


Glitter had gotten used to this behavior and had come to expect some sort of outburst of glee from him at least seven times a night.

But, she was not prepared for the level of extreme excitement she encountered when she landed on the table in the kitchen.


Nim landed face first in an open drawer full of legos. Glitter could hear uncontrolled giggling and the crish-crash of legos moving in the drawer.


After a few minutes, Nim got himself under control and zipped out of the drawer to face Glitter.

“Guess what tomorrow, I mean today, is????”

Glitter was almost afraid to answer. She had never seen Nim quite so…insane with happiness.

“I’m guessing it’s Joe’s birth–“.

“JOE’S BIRTHDAY!!!” he screamed and zoomed around the lego table quickly creating a message.


Last year, I made him snowmen out of powdered sugar donuts and candy!” Nim said as he checked his message a second time.

“Then, the year before that, Lil and I made a huge donut hole birthday cake with sprinkles and marshmallows and we cut paper snowflakes and made a huge blizzard in the kitchen and…”.

Nim trailed off looking suddenly sad. At least, he looked as sad as a scout elf at Christmas could look.

“What’s wrong Nim?” asked Glitter, full of concern.

“Oh nothing. Sometimes I just miss–well, nevermind,” Nim said with a quick shake of his head.  “This year for Joe’s birthday I thought we could make pancakes!”

Glitter gave Nim a searching look, trying to figure out what had made him sad. What did he miss?

“Glitter? Did you hear me?”

“Sorry Nim, what was that?”

“Could you help me get the sprinkles down? For the pancakes?”

Nim and Glitter headed over to the cabinet and pulled out the sprinkles, cinnamon, powdered sugar and vanilla.


“Let me see…I know there is a recipe around here somewhere,” Nim said as he searched the countertop.

“I found it!” said Glitter.

Reindeer and elf bent their heads over the recipe.

“Why don’t we mix up the dry ingredients and leave the rest for the boys to do?” asked Glitter.

“Perfect!” Nim agreed and they got to work.

“Oh no! We are out of flour!” wailed Nim.


“Look!” said Glitter. “There’s a whole bag right behind you!”

They had a little trouble opening the bag and ended up spilling a little on the counter, on themselves and on the floor.

Nim looked up at Glitter with a playful smirk.

“Don’t you even think about it Nim! Flour is not snow and you know that their mom has a lot of baking left to do.”

“Ok, ok,” said Nim looking disappointed.

Nim stood back to look at their work, he smiled at Glitter.

“Great job tonight partner!”

Glitter smiled back.

“You too, Nim.”

As Nim gazed at the birthday message and imagined the boys’ faces in the morning, he sighed.

“Lil would have loved this.”

Kindness Task
Write a letter to someone special telling them why you love them.

Nim’s Joke
Why is it so cold at Christmas?
Because it’s Decembrrrr!



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