Mischief Makers: The Bowling Alley

“You should have seen it Lil!” Nim said as he and Lil roasted giant marshmallows over the fire outside Santa’s workshop. “Joe was so excited to see his birthday surprise.”

“Oh! I wish I had been there to see his face!” said Lil.

“Me too,” said Nim, a little sadly.

“Watch out Nim! You’ll burn your marshmallow!”

Nim pulled his marshmallow out of the fire and blew out the flames. It was charred black.

“That’s ok. I like them this way.”

Lil giggled and shook her head as she pulled out a perfectly toasted marshmallow and took a big bite.

“So what are your plans for tonight?” she asked as she licked the sticky goo off of her fingers.

“I’m not sure. It’s Glitter’s turn to come up with something fun.”


Glitter wanted to cheer Nim up.

He’d seemed sad lately…as sad as a scout elf can be around Christmas that is.

She wasn’t 100% sure why he was blue, but she thought that it might have something to do with his friend Lil. Nim talked about Lil, well, all the time.

He’d told her about the time they’d created a train using every shoe in the house.


The time they put mustaches on every picture, Santa decoration and even fruit.


The time they’d drawn faces on every egg in the refrigerator.


But his favorite memory, the one he talked about the most, was the time the boys left an elf-sized bowling alley for he and Lil to play with.

He’d said that they bowled all night.

Lil, Nim had told Glitter, left just in time to fly back to the girls’ house and get ready for them to wake up.


Glitter had tried recreating that bowling alley and hoped that they could bowl a few frames and relax a little, just like Nim and Lil had done the previous year.

She had just placed the last pin when Nim came barreling in.

“Sorry I’m late!” he said.

Then he stopped mid-flight when he saw the bowling alley Glitter had made.

“Is this for me?” he asked, wide-eyed.


“I know how much you liked bowling with Lil. I found the pins in the boys’ room so I thought that, maybe, you’d like to bowl with me too,” Glitter said shyly.

Nim’s smile grew and grew. He jumped up with a whoop and gave Glitter a big hug.

“Thank you so much Glitter! This is just about the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done,” Nim said happily.

Glitter smiled with a feeling of pride. She’d done it! She’d cheered Nim up.

“Since we aren’t in the kitchen, I put a trail from the boys’ room so they can find us in the morning,” said Glitter.


“Great idea!” said Nim. “Now let’s get bowling!”


Kindness Task

Donate toys.

Nim’s Joke

What do you call Santa when he is broke?
Saint Nickel-less!



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