An Opossum Poem

The sound of the door
Sliding’ cross the track
Is soft and just a whisper
But heard by both our cats

A gray streak from the pasture
A dark blur from the yard
Both streaming to the backdoor
Both sprint and run so hard

Sometimes we move too slowly
Both sneaky cats get in
We find them in the basement
Sleeping chin to chin

I let them lounge a little
Especially if it’s cold
I scratch their ears and pet them
A fuzzy cat to hold

They’re great at hunting critters
They’re swell at catching birds
But face them with a ‘possum?
They’re neither seen nor heard

One snuck into the hen house
And filled the girls with dread
The cats were sleeping on the job
All snuggled in their bed

You’d think they would be sorry
You’d think they’d show regret
But they just meow as if to say
“What did you expect?”

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