Crazy Chick Growth

We let the chicks out the other day and in only 4 days, they’ve grown and are losing their fuzz and getting their feathers.

April 1

They shed the fuzz and the feathers are slowly coming in so they are starting to look a bit bedraggled.

April 4

It is amazing how quickly they grow. In just under 2 weeks, they are easily double the size they were when we moved them from the incubator to their new home.

At 15-22 weeks they become pullets until they start laying eggs. Then, they graduate to hens.

March 23

We aren’t sure if these girls will be good layers or not. Their Pearl White Leghorn mom(s) are one of the best laying breeds. But they also have DNA from Pecky who is a Blue Cochin.

Cochins are really more of a show bird and lay around 1…per week. Yikes.

I came in the school room the other day and one of the chicks was walking around outside the tote.

At first, I thought that it had jumped on top of the waterer to get out. But when I looked in the tote, I saw the chicks jumping on each other and then trying to jump out. I guess they were giving each other a boost up.

Teamwork at its finest.

Go team chicken go!
Give each other a boost up!
Don’t poop on the floor!

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