Edible Roommates

We moved the chicks to the garage last night. They, mostly, have all their feathers so should be able to stay warm. Besides, they were getting way too big for their box.

They are now in a large tank and are very confused.

They no longer try to jump out. Instead, they huddle to one side and take turns darting out to explore.

It’s pretty entertaining.

The garage is home to our two cats: Boots and Echo. They are not overly fond of roommates since a skunk decided to visit last year.

They don’t care about the full-grown hens. The chicks however, captured their interest.

I’ve told both cats my expectations. 

They should not, under any circumstances, try to approach or talk to the chicks.  

These are not edible roommates.

No matter how much noise they make, they are not asking for help.

In other words…leave the chicks alone.

I think they understand. At least, I hope they do.

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