Roadside Jungle

The fedge is overgrown. Already.

It’s a roadside jungle. A tangle of weeds and grass. A mess.

I sighed when I noticed for the first time. How could I have let it go already?

Then, I saw the blackberries. The vines are going CRAZY. They are everywhere.

I saw that the one thorned blackberry plant we have has doubled in size from last year. I’m still not sure why I planted it in the fedge where little hands can get pricked, so I’m transplanting it back to the swales this year.

I saw the seaberries.

Wow have they multiplied…already.

The honeyberry we planted two years ago has tripled in size, the other three we planted last year have doubled.

I saw the Autumn olive with its dusky green leaves. Last year was the second year we had the berries. They were a little bit bigger than the previous year, so I am hoping that they will be double, triple in size this year…and tastier.

As I walked back to the house, I saw the burning bushes we planted our first year here. The snow in summer…the only one that made it…is starting to spread like a carpet around them. 

So even though the fedge is overgrown and it looks like a jungle from the road, I’m so happy to see it thriving. I’ll pull the weeds around the plants. Ray will take a weed eater to the taller grass. And we’ll harvest, harvest and harvest.

A roadside jungle
Vines creeping and invading
Green and overgrown

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