It seems like yesterday
I brought you home with me
My funny, cuddly puppy
My little blonde Charlie

Your fur was soft and fuzzy
Your nose was all squished in
I thought you were the cutest
With your big goofy grin

Our neighbors all adored you
You were such a friendly pet
You always were so happy
The sweetest dog I’d met

When we moved to the country
You still had tons of cheek
You’d run at skunks and coyotes
No one would call you meek

Then one day I noticed
Your fur, once blond, was white
You slept more than you used to
Your eyes were not as bright

I tried to soothe and pet you
I tried to let you see
Just how much I’d miss you
When you weren’t here with me

So goodbye my sweet Charlie
So long my little friend
You will be remembered
And loved until the end


3 responses to “Yesterday

  1. So sorry.

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