Lush and Green

We had family pictures taken in the vineyard a few weekends ago. Yesterday morning, I realized that I hadn’t visited it since then, so I took a stroll through the rows of grapes and hops.

I was surprised at how much the grapes had grown, how much the mint had spread and how far the hops had creeped.

The kiwi vines are weighing down the wire. We are going to have to tighten it up soon or all the vines will be on the ground. I am seeing the kiwi flowers on all 3 rows now.

Joe loves to hang out in the shade the vines provide.

So does Boots.

The mint is all over the place and the blackberry I stuck in the ground last year has exploded with flowers.

And don’t even get me started on the hops.

I’m so excited to see at least one area doing so well. It’s lush and green with pink buds on the grapes and kiwi.

The kitchen garden is not faring as well so far this year. The wind has been awful and has destroyed almost all the tomatoes I planted.

The ones I started and tended inside for weeks and weeks.

The ones I fertilized to strengthen the roots.

The ones I slowly introduced to the outdoors so they wouldn’t be destroyed by the wind.

But…the Superthrive I used for the roots is paying off. They are slowly coming back…maybe there is hope yet!


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