The Next Wave

Just when the Japanese beetle population starts to dwindle, the next wave of garden pests show up laying eggs on almost every available squash leaf.

Squash bugs.

While I detest squash bugs, I absolutely loathe Japanese beetles. In comparison…these aren’t so bad.

Every day, I eagerly go out to the garden to squish the eggs and vacuum the bugs that have emerged.

The process is more satisfying than drowning beetles. I think it is because I can squish all the eggs on a plant and vacuum most of the bugs.

This year, I am going to try applying neem oil to the leaves in order to deter more egg layers.

I have to be careful not to hit the squash flowers though. I want the bees to continue pollinating so we can have a good crop of watermelon, butternut and pattypan this year.

Squash bugs aren’t the worst
But are really annoying
Squish, vacuum, squish-squash

6 responses to “The Next Wave

  1. What do you use to vacuum them? I think squash bugs are the ones I hate the most, but it’s really hard to decide.

  2. A bit late in posting my comment, but I had not heard of vacuuming up bugs! Also, I started watching the our local trees turn yellow green and now brown. These trees were fine last year, but on closer inspection, I see the leaves are completely eaten leaving nothing but the vein structure inside. A friend said it was June Bugs. They have decimated trees all over BLO/NO! Did you get hit by them?

    • They are Japanese beetles and yes, they’ve completely decimated my vineyard. 😦 They were worse this year than they’ve ever been because of the mild winter.

  3. I despise them both. 😂

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