I wrote this post a few years ago during a particularly trying time at home with the boys. That MOPs group has since disbanded, but I learned so much from the ladies and made quite a few friends in the bargain. This post applies to our homeschool and reading it has helped to remind me that ‘momming’, ‘wifing’ and teaching are only a part of who I am as a person.

a pinch of homestead

Rain. Wind. Gloom.

It has been a rough couple of weeks. The boys, cooped up all day in the house, have gone stir crazy and I’ve come right along with them.

I’ve yelled. I’ve shouted. I’ve cried tears of frustration.

Then, I remembered that MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) was on Friday morning. A break! A 1 hour and 45 minute break. I could drink coffee and commiserate with other moms while the boys played with other little people their own age.

Real conversation. Real play.

At first, I didn’t want to talk to anyone about all of the screaming going on in my house. I didn’t want anyone to judge me. I didn’t want to feel worse from the looks of shock I thought other moms would give me for losing my cool so often.

But I decided to put myself out there. Take a risk. I posted this note on our group page…

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