Killers Unknown

Since we’ve lost our entire flock, it’s time to start thinking about what breed to get next. I liked our Red Stars and our Rhode Island Reds. It would be kind of fun to get a few different breeds to mix it up a bit.

a pinch of homestead

The morning started just like any other morning.

Bleary-eyed, I started the coffee pot.

Yawning, I looked out the back door.

Uh. Oh. The chickens were out.

I forgot to put them away. Again.

Their coop had been open all night. Again.

Sighing, I started breakfast.

‘I have to start remembering to lock the hens up,’ I thought to myself.

Later, I went outside to move the little girls out to the playpen. After getting them situated (with only a few squacks and pecks), I did my morning headcount.

Nine pullets and six hens.

Wait. Six? Where were the other two?


I looked around a little, not too concerned yet. They’d been out for most of the morning after all and they’d been getting braver, venturing further away from the coop. Surely they’d come back when they got hungry.

I went about my day, forgetting about the missing ladies.

Early evening…

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2 responses to “Killers Unknown

  1. I’ve been looking into Buff Orphingtons and Black Beauties. I also think Ameraucanas would be fun since they lay green eggs. Blue-Laced Red Wyandottes are beautiful, but are pricey at the hatchery I order from. Also Barred Rocks are supposed to be good. Thanks for reminding me that I need to get my order in. Lol

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