Ping-Pong Eggs

I guess we will not have to worry about tricking our hens into laying this winter. Oh how I will miss them!

a pinch of homestead

The eggs had dwindled down
To maybe four a day
We checked boxes with a frown
No hiding our dismay

All hens seemed hale and healthy
All feathers bright and red
Our cats are not that stealthy
Besides, they are well fed


Was the problem frost and cold?
Was that what made them stop?
Was their laying put on hold?
If so, their heads would drop


A tiny little laugh came out
While looking in the coop
There they were, without a doubt
A cozy little group


The ping-pong balls will be the scam
Our plan should do the deed
Call it a trick, a ruse, a sham
But will it work? Indeed.


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