Mischief Makers: Glitter Glitters

Nim and Lil stood on the window sill trying to get into the house.

“Let us in Glitter!” Nim yelled.

Glitter ignored him.

“You are already in trouble with Santa for the M&M mess…don’t make it worse,” said Lil.

Glitter turned her head to the side and sprayed some more snow-from-a-can on the window. Then she trotted back to the tree.


“What do you think she’s doing?” said Lil.

“Not sure,” says Nim. “It looks like she’s…organizing lego blocks?”

“Well that’s a good sign, right?” asks Lil.

“I guess. I just don’t know why she locked us out,”

“Hey Glitter!” Lil said, rubbing the snow away from the glass. “What are you building?”

Glitter had started putting the legos together on top of the M&M tower. Lil and Nim watched as she added block after block.

“I can’t tell what it is,” said Nim.

“Neither can–oh no,” said Lil. “Look at that.”

Lil pointed to a small container inside Glitter’s creation.


“What? What is it?” asked Nim.

“It’s glitter,” said Lil.

“I know it’s Glitter!” said Nim.

“No,” said Lil. “Not Glitter the Reindeer…glitter, the sparkly dusty stuff.”

Nim suddenly saw the container of shiny gold and white glitter.

“Oh no,” he said.

“Indeed,” said Lil.

Glitter stepped back from her Lego creation and slowly turned to Lil and Nim. Her eyes sparkled and she looked as though she was smiling…or grimacing. It’s hard to tell with a reindeer.


“Oh Glitter! Don’t do it!” said Lil.

“Is that what I think it is?” asked Nim.

“Only if you think it is a catapult,” said Lil.

Nim and Lil watched in stunned dismay as Glitter loaded the catapult with the shiny glitter and, with one final look at the elves, launched it at the tree.

“I can’t watch,” said Lil, covering her eyes.

As Glitter flew through the air glitter rained down on the tree, floor and furniture.



“We really should have told her that Santa wasn’t happy with her behavior,” said Nim.

“Yes,” said Lil staring out at the mayhem. “We really should have.”


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