Mischief Makers: Christmas Crazy Pt. 1

When the boys got up the next morning and saw wrapping paper and empty boxes all over the floor under the tree, they went a little…Christmas Crazy.

Lil stared helplessly as they playfully wrestled and then–CRASHed right into the Christmas tree.

She watched in horror as Nim tumbled to the ground, unable to use magic to save himself.

It was the longest day of her young life, and when the house was finally asleep, she flew straight to Nim.


“Nim! Nim!” she cried. “Can you hear me? Are you ok?”

“Mmmfffppttt,” he said.

“What? I can’t understand you! You must have hit your head in the fall!”


“Nim! I don’t know what you are saying!” said a sobbing Lil.

“Ahem,” said Glitter. “Maybe if you’d…stop suffocating him?”

Lil looked down and blushed.

“Ooops,” she said as she let go. “Sorry about that.”

“That’s ok,” said Nim with a wince. “At least you didn’t twist my other ankle.”

“Oh no!” said Lil. “Do you think you can still fly?”

Nim tried hovering but only fell in a heap.

“I guess I’ll go and give the report alone tonight,” said Lil looking sadly at the ground.


“I could go,” said Glitter.

“Really? Are you sure?” said Lil.

“Yes,” said Glitter with a brisk nod. “I have a small errand I need to run at the North Pole anyway. You can stay and make sure Nim is comfortable and then get started with the…”.

“Graham Cracker Houses,” Lil finished.

“Right,” said Glitter.

“I guess that would work,” said Lil.

“And Glitter?” said Nim. “Would you please ask the Medic-elves for some of that special Medicinal Maple Syrup?”

Glitter raised an eye as she looked at Nim.

“For healing purposes only, of course,” he said with a grin.

“Of course,” said Glitter.

After Glitter left, Lil set a sleeve of graham crackers, a tub of icing and a sack of red and green M&Ms out on the table. While she wrote instructions, Nim tried ‘helping’.

“Nim, why don’t you just rest,” said Lil after his fifth time falling face first into green icing and scattering M&Ms everywhere.


Lil finished setting up and Glitter was still not back.

“You don’t think she got lost do you?” said Lil.

But Nim was fast asleep in a box of graham crackers and didn’t hear her.

Lil climbed up into the cupboard, hoping that Glitter would find her way home soon.

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