Mischief Makers: Christmas Crazy Part 2

(For Part 1, click here.)

Glitter returned from the North Pole with barely a second to spare, so Lil did not have a chance to talk to her until the boys were sound asleep that night.

“What took you so long, Glitter?” said Lil. “Did you get lost?”

“No, no,” laughed Glitter. “My errand just took a bit longer than expected. She held up a Gingerbread train kit. “To go with the houses the boys made.”

“Wow!” said Nim. “That is so cool!”


“What about the report?” asked Lil. “Was Santa upset we didn’t come ourselves?”

“Nope. Santa was happy with the report,” she said as she handed a bottle of Medicinal Maple Syrup to Nim. “And he hopes Nim feels better soon.”

Nim made quick work of the syrup and was soon humming Christmas carols with droopy eyes.

“Why don’t you go rest up while Lil heads to the North Pole to give the report.


“Ok,” said Lil. “If you’re sure…”

“I’m sure,” said Glitter with a smile. “Besides, I don’t think Santa will like it if I come two nights in a row.”

“No, of course, I’ll get Nim settled and–“.

“Leonard the reindeer, what kooky little dude,” sang Nim. “With his crazy head and fur that’s red…blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

“Wow, this maple syrup works fast,” said Lil as she helped Nim into a stocking and flew out the window.


Before long, Glitter could hear soft snores coming from the fireplace.

Knowing that she didn’t have much time before Nim woke up and Lil returned, Glitter galloped off in search of Barrel.


A few hours later, Lil returned and shook Nim awake.

“It’s almost time,” she said.

Nim shook his sleepy head and yawned.

“Looks like Glitter got the train all set up,” said Lil. “But where is she?”

Nim blinked, stretched and then froze.

“Lil, look!”

Glitter stood on the back of the couch, a marker in her hoof and a gleam of triumph in her eyes.


She turned her head and smiled at Nim and Lil.

“I told you I’d get revenge.”



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