Mischief Makers: Elfies

“Well that certainly didn’t go as well as we thought,” frowned Nim.

The car parade would have been a success…if the boys’ mom hadn’t stepped on one and slipped.

Lil shook her head. “I guess we shouldn’t have put them down the middle of the hallway.”

Glitter sighed rather loudly. “There’s no point in feeling sorry for ourselves. We’ll just have to do better tonight.”

Nim and Lil shook their heads sadly. They were definitely in danger of losing the trophy now. Parent complaints were a black mark on the Elf Record of Mischief Mishaps.


“We have a few more jokes we can leave for them,” offered Lil.

“Or, we could build them a Lego Christmas tree,” put in Nim.

“You know…we could take a few Elfies,” said Lil.

“What are Elfies?” Glitter had a wary look on her face.

“Sparkle, another Mischief Maker, was talking about it last night,” said Nim.

Lil nodded her head. “Yes, Sprinkles and she took a bunch of pictures of themselves and plastered them all over the walls.”

Glitter slowly nodded her head. “Elfies. Yes, I suppose there is no danger of injury if we did that.”


“I’m not going to be left out of the fun,” she said.


“And neither is Barrel.”


“There is only one problem,” said Nim. “The printer is in The Parents’ room.”

Nim and Glitter shivered.

But Lil was not daunted. “Oh come, where’s your sense of adventure? This is a challenge!”

Nim smiled and nodded his head. “Yes, yes…this will be a—,”.

“Terrible idea!” Glitter interrupted.

“That sounds like something the old Glitter would say,” Lil sighed.

Glitter huffed and pawed the floor. “Oh fine. But you can make the copies. My hooves would be too loud on the floor of their room.”

Nim and Lil flew to the camera on the counter and started snapping Elfies and pictures of Glitter and Barrel.


When they’d taken more than a hundred pictures, they quietly tip toed to the bedroom and printed them all out.


Every snore and sigh made them jump, but they managed to print them all without waking the sleeping giants.

“Barrel and I could hear the printer all the way in the kitchen,” said Glitter when they came out. “How in the world did The Parents sleep through that racket?”

“Earplugs,” said Nim.

“And a little magic,” said Lil.



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