Mischief Makers: Birthday Bribes

“You both have to tell Santa what happened.”

Nim groaned and put his head in his hands.

“But it was an accident,” said Lil.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Glitter. “There are no accidents when it comes to Elf Sightings.”

“What’s going to happen to us?” asked Nim. “What will Santa do?”

Glitter pulled out her copy of The Book and hoofed through the pages until she found the section on “Elf Movement”. She sighed and read the section aloud.

Chapter 5, Section 3

Statute 14.3 – All Mischief Makers must cease moving when their charges enter the room. Under no circumstances can they see you move. Violations of this statute may result in termination or reassignment.*

“Then we’re finished,” moaned Nim with his head down.

“Hold on,” said Glitter. “There’s more.”

*Mischief Makers who break this statute may reduce sentencing to a mere fine of 10 gumdrops and 3 bottles of maple syrup by ensuring their charges do not tell anyone what they witnessed.

“But…how are we going to do that?” Nim scratched his head. “They already told The Parents.”

“The Parents are adults,” said Glitter. “Adults never believe anything when it comes to Santa and his elves.”

Nim and Lil stared at each other. How could they possibly convince the boys not to tell anyone else?


“Tomorrow might very well be our last day with the boys,” Lil said sadly.

“Wait,” said Nim. “Tomorrow is December 19th.”

“So?” said Lil.

“Sooo…it’s Joe’s birthday!”

Nim’s face brightened as he rose to his feet. “I know just how we can get them to stay quiet.”

“How?” asked Lil.


Lil tilted her head to the side. “Huh?”

“What does Joe want more than anything else for his birthday?”

Lil shook her head and hunched her shoulders.

“Snow! And we are going to give it to him.”

“What are you going to do?” Glitter gulped.

“The less you know, the better off you are Glitter. If this backfires, we can honestly tell Santa you had nothing to do with it.”

With a jerky nod, Glitter turned and went back to the couch. “I’ll just…take a little nap with Barrel.”

“How on earth are we going to give him snow?” asked Lil. “We aren’t that magical.”

Nim hopped up to the counter and sat on a canister filled to the top with flour.


“Oh no, no Nim. That is WAY too messy.”

“But it will work. We’ll make it snow in the kitchen and leave a note asking them to keep our secret in return for the present.”


“No ‘buts’ Lil. This is the only way.”

“Not that I can hear you or anything,” Glitter called from the living room. “But I think this is a terrible idea and you’ll only end up getting into more trouble.”

Lil sat deep in thought for a long time. “Ok. We’ll do it.”

Nim scribbled a quick note to wish Joe a very happy birthday and pleading with both boys to keep what they saw to themselves.

Lil flew wildly around the kitchen table throwing handfuls of tiny paper triangles, half circles and diamonds in the air along with paper snowflakes.


Glitter peeked over the couch but quickly ducked when she saw Nim flying through the air, dumping flour all over the table and floor.

When they hovered above the kitchen to take in the chaotic blizzard they’d created, Nim and Lil smiled nervously at each other.


“I sure hope this works,” said Lil.

“It has to,” said Nim. “It’s our only hope.”


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