Mischief Makers: Zig Zag Zip

Lil and Nim whirled around the living room with Christmas garland streaming behind them. 

“We did it Lil!”

“I never should have doubted you Nim!”

“Will you two knock it off already.” Glitter smiled and shook her head. “Just because you got away with the mess you made yesterday, doesn’t mean you can do it again today.”

“Oh Glitter,” Lil laughed. “Where’s your Christmas spirit?”

“Right where it belongs,” said Glitter pointing to her glittery heart charm.

“Now what do we do?” asked Nim coasting down to the floor.


“Something clean,” said Glitter. “The boys took full blame for your little stunt and they are in big trouble with The Parents.”

The birthday breakfast bribe had worked. The boys were not going to tell anyone else that they saw Nim move. The Parents, however, were not amused.

“It was very nice of the boys to take the blame for the giant snowstorm.” Lil looked down guiltily.

“And to clean it up,” said Glitter.

Nim shifted uncomfortably wondering if that last 5lb bag of flour he dumped on the floor was really necessary. “We have to make their day extra special!”

“And extra clean,” said Glitter.

“Zip lines!”

“Candy canes!”


“Windex?” Lil and Nim looked at Glitter.


“It was worth a try,” she mumbled as she trotted away.

Lil flew to the tree to find a couple of candy canes in the branches while Nim gathered up all of the garland, string and dental floss he could find.

They spent the next hour or more zig-zagging zip lines all over the living room and kitchen.

“Well?” asked Nim once they were done.

Looks great!” said Glitter.

“It does?” said Lil with shock.

“Yes, clean lines and not a speck of dust on the floor!”

Rolling their eyes and hiding their grins, Nim and Lil grabbed a candy cane and tested their lines.








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