Mischief Makers: All Tied Up

Usually, the boys were fairly well behaved. Sure they got into the odd fight here and there, but for the most part…they got along.

That’s why the day’s events were so astounding. Never had the Mischief Makers ever seen the boys behave so badly.

“Wow,” said Lil.

“Whoa,” said Nim.

“Yikes,” said Glitter.

What started out as a minor disagreement over whose turn it was to open the advent calendar, quickly turned into an all out fight.


“Jake almost hit me with that toy car,” said Nim.

“And what about Joe and that pool noodle?” said Lil.

“At least he didn’t use a stick,” said Glitter.

Even though they dreaded it, Nim and Lil knew it was their duty to report any bad behavior to Santa.

“We’d better go Nim. We shouldn’t keep Santa waiting.”

“I suppose you’re right.”

“This is their first incident of really naughty behavior,” said Glitter.  

Glitter was right. Did they really have to report this to Santa?

Lil sighed. “If it were only a brotherly spat, we’d overlook it.”

Nim rubbed his eyes. “Unfortunately, cars were thrown. You know what that means Glitter.”

Glitter cast her eyes to the floor and shook her head back and forth.

Chapter 8,  Section 5b

Statute 3.3 Minor disagreements between siblings are to be reported at the Mischief Maker’s discretion; however, any disagreement involving the launching of toy cars must be reported to Santa.

“Maybe we can make an exception just this once,” said Glitter with a little desperation in her voice. “Afterall, we haven’t been very good this year.”

Nim and Lil were flabbergasted that Glitter would even suggest ignoring a rule in the book.


We? Lil and I have barely caused trouble!” 

“Ok, ok. I haven’t been the best behaved this year,” said Glitter. “But…the Top Shelf Elf award…”.

“If we don’t report to Santa, we’re not doing our job. And that’s an even bigger risk to the award,” said Nim.

Lil nodded and both elves started to fly to the window.

“But…,” Glitter said. “If you can’t get back to the North Pole to give your report, you can’t get in trouble.”

“What in the world would stop us from flying back?” Nim asked as he turned to face Glitter.



Glitter tackled Nim and Lil to the ground and galloped around them with dental floss in her mouth, tying them securely.


“I’m sorry, but I can’t let you report to Santa.”

“Glitter!” The two elves struggled against the minty floss as Glitter stuffed them into empty 2 liter bottles.

“It’s for the good of the team,” Glitter wrote a note to the boys while Nim and Lil glared at her.

“Santa is going to wonder where we are Glitter.” Nim hoped that Glitter would be afraid to disappoint Santa. Again.

“Oh don’t worry about that,” she said. “I’ll just tell him you were all tied up.”

I had to stop Nim and Lil from telling Santa you were fighting with each other and not listening again. Try to listen and get along better because I don’t think the floss will hold them for long.


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