We’re Ready!

We’re reaching! We’re straining!
We’re stretching our leaves!
Hey sunshine! Get out here
And roll up your sleeves!

The chickens have finished
The garden is planned
We need to get out there
Please give us a hand!

We’re ready! We’re eager!
It’s time for the show!
Warm weather is nearing…
Let’s get on our grow!

3 responses to “We’re Ready!

  1. Still not in the ground?! It seems like it is getting late, even in cold regions.

    • Our last frost date is 4/21, but we are normally in the ground by now. I’m getting anxious!

      • Goodness! I can understand why! We did not plant so much this year, and planted more for fresh eating than canning. I can always buy canned food in the market, but I can not buy garden grown produce.

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