The day it snowed
the chickens crowed,
“What is the fluffy stuff?”

Their feet were cold,
they were not bold,
they fled back in a huff.

I changed their bed
and got them fed,
then had a little talk.

“Look here dear hens,
I’ve cleaned your pens,
start laying eggs or walk.

Their feathers puffed,
they squawked and huffed,
“Just give us one more try!”

I shrugged and clucked,
“You’re out of luck.
Start laying eggs or–…!”

2 responses to “Winterizing

  1. There were two elderly feral cats who came to live with me in exchange for keeping the rodents away. They had such attitude! They sat around so lazily and pompously, but did nothing about the rodents. I sort of tolerated it because they were elderly. Then I yelled at them one day after a rat ate some of my seedlings. When I came home at the end of the day, there was a huge bloody rat strewn out all over my bunk! The cats watched my reaction smugly from a shelf above. I could not be angry. They did exactly as I requested. I did not see many rats after that. They improved their technique to eliminate the gore.

  2. That is hilarious! Our cats are just the opposite. They are killers but with the sweetest temperaments.

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