Mischief Makers Day 1: Broken Bones and Promises

“Ow! Ow…OUCH!” Nim hopped on the window sill holding one leg and grimacing.

“Oh no! Nim, what happened? Where does it hurt?” asked Lil. She landed lightly next to him.


“I think he broke his leg,” said Glitter. “He landed too hard.”

Nim glared at Glitter.

“Well you did,” said Glitter. “You were whirling and twirling.”

“Let’s get you inside,” said Lil.

Lil and Glitter held on to Nim and flew inside to the kitchen table.

Glitter, having worked in Kris Kringle’s Hospital when she was a young doe, took a close look at Nim’s leg.

“Does this hurt?”



“It’s ok, Nim. We can fix it.” Lil looked hopefully at Glitter. “Right?”

“Yes,” said Glitter. The elves sighed in relief. “Not with magic though.”

“What do you mean ‘not with magic’??” asked Nim.

“You broke your leg landing on a window sill while showing off. Had you broken it at the North Pole, it would have been an easy fix, a magical break. But here…we can only use magic to make Christmas fun. We can’t repair broken elf bones.”

“How long will it take to heal?” asked Lil.

“Two weeks.”

“TWO WEEKS!!!” Nim exploded.

“But that’s HALF the season!” Lil cried.

“You’re lucky, Nim. It takes humans 6 to 8 weeks to heal from a broken bone.”

Nim sighed and Lil slumped while Glitter wrapped Nim’s broken leg in tinsel and toilet paper.


“Now, now. It could be worse,” smiled Glitter.

“Worse? Worse than being laid up for two weeks of the season?”

“Well…you could miss the whole season.”

Nim crossed his arms. “We might as well give up on getting that trophy.”

“There’s always next year, Nim,” said Lil sadly.

Glitter scowled. “What do you mean by that?”

“Without Nim…”.

“What am I? Chopped venison!?”

Lil blinked. “I, well…I guess you did come through last season.”

“But…” Nim cleared his throat. “You just aren’t very…mischievous.”

Glitter puffed out her chest and stomped a hoof. “You’ll see. I promise to create just as much mayhem as Nim would have!”

Nim coughed, hiding a laugh. Lil looked doubtfully at Glitter.

With a huff and a snort, Glitter spun around and galloped to the tree with a long piece of tinsel in her mouth.

“Well come on then, Lil! Let’s get started!”


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