Mischief Makers Day 2: Tinsel Town

“Poor Nim, he’ll be so sad he missed the hot chocolate bar at Santa’s workshop.”

“I just hope he stayed off that leg,” said Glitter.

They flew into the kitchen, skidding on the counter.

Lil gasped.

“Oh deer,” said Glitter.

Houses made of Lego blocks were scattered throughout the room. Most of them were half constructed and covered in snow, tinsel or sequins.


“Nim? Is that you?” Lil whipped her head around.


Lil flew frantically around the half-built Christmas village.

“He’s over here, Lil.” Glitter stood at the tallest tower and stared at the pair of elvin legs sticking out the top.


“Goodness, Nim! How are we supposed to get you free without hurting your broken leg?!” Lil worried.

“Like this,” said Glitter. She backed up, put her head down and took off at a full gallop toward the tower.

“Glitter noooo!”



Lego bricks exploded in every direction and Nim sailed out of the tower. A heap of tinsel and garland softened his landing.


“Ooops.” He smiled sheepishly.

“What were you thinking, Nim?!” Glitter fumed.

“Are you ok?” Lil fussed.

Nim hung his head.

“I was just trying to help.”

“Trying to help? TRYING TO HELP?!?!”

“Glitter!” Lil’s tone was fierce. “Why don’t you go set up the hot chocolate bar while I start cleaning this up.”

Glitter stomped away, snorting and mumbling under her breath.

“I can help you clean up…” Nim rubbed his cast.

Lil sighed. “Just–just stay put, ok? You’d better just let me do it.”

“I was just trying to help,” he repeated.

“I know, Nim. But you need to rest and heal so you can get better faster. Then you can help.”

Nim hung his head. “Ok, Lil. I won’t try to help again until my leg heals. I promise.”

Lil smiled. Somehow, she doubted that.



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