Mischief Makers Day 3: Snowmen at Night

“Glitter, stop fretting,” said Lil as she flew through the twinkling stars.

“I can’t. I just know he’s done something.”

“He wouldn’t.” But Lil sped up a bit…just in case.

“Nim?” Glitter tip toed around the kitchen table, searching. “Didn’t we leave him right here?”

“What’s that?” Lil pointed to a pile of white fuzz on the floor.

Glitter cantered closer.

Shave-y the snowmen
Was a jolly happy guy
He had lots of pals
And some friendly gals
Made him homemade apple pie!

It’s coming from the bathroom,” Lil whispered.

“Just follow the trail,” Glitter groaned.


Lil looked down and saw a stream of shaving cream leading from the kitchen to the bathroom. She sped into the bathroom with Glitter galloping after her.

“Oh Nim!” Lil cried.

Nim sat on top of the mirror. Shaving cream snowmen surrounded him in various shapes and sizes.

Glitter stomped and snorted. Lil gasped and giggled.

“Isn’t it great?!” Nim asked.


Glitter took a deep breath, ready to launch into a tirade.

“It’s amazing, Nim!” Lil squealed.

Glitter’s eyes popped. “Amazing???!! Are you crazy, Lil? It’s a disaster!”

But Lil wasn’t listening. She’d joined Nim on the ceiling and, before Glitter could make another protest, she got a shaving cream ball in the face.

Glitter spluttered. She shook. She stomped her hooves in the shimmery snow. As she looked up at the two elves, there was an unsettling gleam in her eyes.

“Game on,” she whispered.


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