Mischief Makers Day 7: Night Ninjas

Day 6 Story: Scrooged

Nim watched Lil and Figgy setting up the course: the Ninja Warrior course. This had been his idea. He and Lil had discussed it at length during a planning meeting in July.

Nim was jealous and angry. They were doing the course without him. Trying to keep Glitter from calling him a Scrooge again, he sat with a tight smile frozen on his face.

“Figgy, you look like you are going to rob a bank.”

Lil fixed Figgy’s ninja outfit before adjusting her bandana.


“Looks good guys.” Nim’s voice was strained, but he was trying.

Lil floated over to Nim and put her hand on his shoulder. “I know. This was your idea. I’m sad that you can’t participate too. That’s why I got you this.”

Lil pulled out a tiny black belt and handed it to Nim.

He smiled and looked into Lil’s eyes. “Thanks, Lil. This means a lot.”

Lil smiled. “Your leg is almost fully healed, Nim. Just a few more days.”


“Come on, Lil!” shouted Figgy. “Let’s test out the balance beam.”

With a quick grin for Nim, Lil raced off to the course.


Nim turned, expecting to see Glitter. His eyes widened. An elf, dressed in pink, peeked out of a cabinet door.

Nim was speechless.

“Hi,” said the elf.

“H-hello,” said Nim. “Er…who are you?”

The pink elf smiled nervously and cleared her throat. “Name’s Pixie. I’m a Birthday Elf.”

“Birthday elf? What is that?” Nim was suspicious. He’d never heard of a “Birthday Elf”.

“You know, an elf that visits kids on their birthdays.”


Nim shook his head. “That is the most ridiculous…”. Nim trailed off at the look on the poor elf’s face. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to make fun. I’m Nim.”

“I know. And that is Lil, and over there is Figgy.”


“I’ve been watching you guys.” Pixie noticed the look on Nim’s face and quickly added. “Not in a creepy I’m watching you way though. Just watching all the fun.”

Nim still looked unsure.

“I only get out one day a year you know.”

“Yes, well…”. Nim smiled, a sudden idea popping into his head. “We could be partners!”


“You and me! We could be partners for the rest of the season…causing mischief and mayhem and–”.

“Wait a minute, Nim, I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.”

“Oh.” Nim seemed to deflate.

Pixie smiled. “It’s a great idea!”



10 responses to “Mischief Makers Day 7: Night Ninjas

  1. Now there are four!?!?

  2. I told you there were some surprises this year!

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