Mischief Makers Day 15: Sugar Cookie Showdown

“Did you get it all?” Nim hovered over the garbage can, now full of all the sugar-free snacks, syrups and sodas found in the house.

“I think so,” said Lil dumping another box of sugar-free sugar in the trash.

“And I’ve stacked the last sack of real sugar on the counter,” said Figgy. “We are ready for SugarRush!”


Two recipes lay on the counter. One the boys’ great grandmother’s famous molasses cookies. The other, Nim and Lil’s Super Secret Sugar Cookie recipe.


“Team One will be making Sugar Cookies while Team Two tackles the molasses,” said Glitter. Her gaze traveled from Pixie and Figgy to Nim and Lil. “Teams?”

Lil looked down at her toes while Nim shuffled his feet.

Figgy and Pixie looked at each other and smiled. They knew exactly what Nim and Lil were thinking.

Figgy nudged Pixie. “You know, I’d love to make the molasses cookies.”

“Oh, me too!” said Pixie with a grin.

“I guess that leaves you and me on the sugar cookies, Nim” said Lil, scuffing her foot on the table.

Nim smiled. “I guess so.”

And just like that, Nim and Lil were partners in mischief once again.




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