Mischief Makers Day 19: Birthday Party

We…wish you a merry birthday,
we wish you a merry birthday.
We wish you a merry birthday
and a happy new year!

Nice presents for you
a fun breakfast too.
Now you have a good day
that is filled with good cheer!

Happy 8th Birthday Joe!

The team had prepared a birthday breakfast to surpass all other birthday breakfasts. A tower of chocolate donut gems rose high over strawberry PopTart village with chocolate and caramel lakes. It was beautiful and Joe loved it.



“Pssst. Lil. Did you hear that?” Pixie asked from her perch on the light fixture.

“Hang on, did he just thank his mom for this birthday feast!” Lil hissed.

“How could he think that? We always make it!” Nim was outraged.

Santa was right,” Figgy whimpered. “He is starting to change.”

STOP MOVING!” Glitter fumed. “Remember Chapter One, Section 1, Rule 1.1 in The Book!”


Nim, Lil and Figgy gasped. Pixie didn’t know what Rule 1.1 was, but she could tell breaking it would be bad by the looks of horror her friends shared.

The Book Section 1, Chapter 1, Rule 1.1: Never let the humans see you move. Failure to follow this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the Mischief Maker Team and Gum Drop Sugaring duty for one full season—with no sampling.  Reinstatement not guaranteed.

After the family went out for Joe’s birthday treat the team untangled themselves and gathered at the table.

“We need a game plan,” said a determined Lil.

“I agree,” added Figgy.

“How can we keep Joe’s belief alive?” Pixie’s brow crinkled.

“What can we do?” Nim asked in despair.

All four elves turned to Glitter for guidance, but Glitter was quiet, an almost hopeless look on her furry face. “I just don’t know.”



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