Mischief Makers Day 20: Believe

A quick trip to the North Pole and heartfelt talk with Santa had the team feeling more confident in their ability to keep belief alive in Joe’s heart.

It’s not presents and shenanigans that turn disbelief around…all Joe needed was a reminder of the true magic of Christmas. A magic that cannot be seen, but only felt.

“It’s like Santa said, he’s not the true spirit of Christmas, he’s just another angel helping spread the joy of the Season,” said Nim.

“I don’t know why we don’t keep a copy of his poem with us all the time. The answer was right there in front of us!” said Lil.

“Poem?” asked Pixie. “What poem?”

“Oh, we almost forgot!” said Glitter. “You haven’t heard Santa’s end of year poem yet.”

Lil cleared her throat.

Christmastime is full of cheer,
a happy, joyful time of year.
But please remember it is more
than presents scattered on the floor.

A Savior King was born this day
in a lowly manger full of hay.
Though this King was very small,
He had come to save us all.

And when He grew into a man
He traveled far across the land.
God sent his son here to fulfill
and carry out His glorious will.

Have fun, delight in all your play
and laugh, make merry, every day.
Take moments to reflect and see
God’s awesome gift to you and me.

Pixie sat speechless and filled with happiness. The poem was perfect. Beautiful.

“All right, places everyone!” said Glitter. She cantered to the Nativity with a rolled up copy of the poem in her harness.

Nim, Lil, Figgy and Pixie each took a spot on the edge of the manger while Glitter joined the animals, hanging the poem from shepherd’s crook.  


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